Posted on: March 29, 2008 1:45 am

When Do We Believe?

I'm confused...Why you ask?  Well listen...So last week I posted two blogs on Davidson.  Both of witch I adamently defended and continued to defend wisconsins defense. Confused?  Good so am I.   So the whole time I'm talking about how pure shooting teams can beat any defense, because teams give up shots no matter what kind of defense they play.  It doesn't matter what defense or how good of defense you play there is one simple rule, its like gravity really, there is no way around it.  Ready... here its is...Ball goes in whole, points go on board (period).  This team can Ball, face it.  One Wisconsin fan argued that he was tired of hearing that Stephan Curry can shoot the ball and carry his team.  Bet they are really tired of that now.  But being tired of it, and it being a FACT are two different things.  Wisky hits the bottle.  Game! 

So, I'm on the D-son band wagon, i'm even playing in the band right now ( something masculane like the trombone or something).  And i'm on that wagon all weekend long right up until tip off Sunday.  Then I'm going to quietly sneek of the wagon, toss up my fake backstage pass to the absolute Rock (Chalk) Show that is the Kansas Jayhawks.  I want to ride the wagon, I really do but Kansas rides in style kid!  And in the 21 century I need a nice suspension and Air conditioning. (enough of the analogies).  Kansas is the real deal, not like the Zags or Wisky, and even though G-town was expected to romp, Kansas is by far, hands down the best TEAM in every catagory top to bottom this small college will face.  So once again I pick against them, and quietly cheer for them when they take the lead early in the second half.  (see history)  But this time I will be left with a broken heart and not a broken bracket.  Quite frankly choosing between my heart and my bracket, please....BRACKET every time! you know this!  Winning is everything. 

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Posted on: March 27, 2008 12:05 pm

Davidsons got Mad Skills Son!!!!

That being said.  Wisconsin wins by 7.  Here's why.  The Badgers are more equiped than both the Zags and G-town to handle a scrappy team like Davidson.  How do you beat a scrappy team.  Bring the scrappiest team in the tourny and get physical.  Wisconsin will no doubt win that battle.  "My better is better than your better" {see commercial}.  Now look, i'm not hating on Davidson and I'm not giving to much credit to Wisconsin.  But as far as match ups go, wisconsins just got the upper hand.  Fact: Wisconsin is a good team and under-rated.  Fact 2: they are not good enough to win it all.  the boards have been on fire this week with wisconsin fans killing board after board with blind love for there team.  Matter of fact, I almost started rooting against Wisconsin due to Irrational comments made by many a badger fan.  Thanks to two slightly more rational Fans I was able to come of the hater-aid and get back to business. 

I got one other problem going into this weekend.  What is up with the comment "it is the NCAA tournament and anything can happen".  Well DUH! I've seen that on so many posts it makes me crazy.  Look, everyone has there view on the tournament, and EVERYONE knows that anything can happen in the tourny.  So stop copping out with that comment, we know!  If you believe something to be a certain way, then go with it. 

ok so, i know I said all of these things but it is the NCAA tournament and anything can happen...

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Posted on: March 24, 2008 12:50 pm

2 rounds in the books

I said in my first blog that I would have duke out in the first round.  While my intentions were that of the first weekend and they technically went down in the second round i don't even believe that duke was worthy of a 2 seed.  Maybe they had a record of a two seed, but they were not built for this tournament what so ever.  Winning by one in teh first round then going down in a big way to a superior WV team.  Its done, Duke is out, and i'm happy about it, not because I hate duke but just because they are missrepresented because of there history and amazing coach.  They should be judge harshly like most other teams when discussing there possible fate. 

Davidson, meet nation.  Nation, say hello to Davidson.  I was one of the probable twenty percent that had them get to the sweet sixteen and I loved every minute of it, not because I picked them, but because it is  ride we as a whole love to watch in this tournament.  I see a lot of breaking this next wisconsin game down infatically.  Wisconsin is the superior defensive team, not just in this game but in this tournament.  Curry is amazing, a baby faced giant killer in fact.  As good as defense is, one thing can beat that defense and that is making shots, and thats what Davidson does.  They shoot the ball very very well.  Defense always gives up shots no matter how good they are, make your shots and the defense will open up no matter how good they are.  But relying on that alone, may not be enough.  I picked wisconsin in this game.  They are the superior defensive team and there absolute control of tempo and the combination of controling the paint is devistating for a team like davidson.  Their amazing run comes to an end to an underrated and very deserving wisconsin team.

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Posted on: March 11, 2008 1:21 pm

Mid-major take over

Mid majors are holding teams hostage with a small needle, ready to pop bubbles all around.  I love it.  the truth is these teams may or may not be better than some of the teams they are popping bubbles for.  But lets not lose track of the overall point.  the point of this tourny is to make absolutely sure the best teams in the nation are in. Not neccessarily the best 64 teams in that order, but at least the best twenty teams.  This ensures that we get a true national Champion.  Cinderella stories are great but they don't produce national champions, and thats what we are after.  I think that as long as we have #1 North Carolina, #2 Memphis, #3 UCLA, #4 Tennessee, (my top 4) and all ranking aside Serious Tourny teams that can withstand winning 8 games in a row with there style of play. Example (Georgetown, Louisville, U-conn, Texas) I'm willing to bet that the team that wins the tourny is undoubtably in the top 10 to 12 feild.  So Bubble teams and Mid-majors have fun, with the exception of davidson, none of them are going to win a game, and no bubble teams is going to win it all.  So lets not worry so much about all of this.  lets get down to the nitty gritty.  We're here to find a National Champion, lets get it on!!
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Posted on: February 28, 2008 12:13 am

Rankings are over rated

Ok, first things first.  Rankings are over rated!  Look, the ranking system of college basketball is probably right on for the most part, specially if we are grading on a curb.  But I think we're flawed.  Just because one team wins or loses or the teams ahead of you lose or win seem to have to much impact on the ranking systems.  hang with me!! Take a team like texas.  Ranked 5th.  tell me that if we had no ranking system up until this weekend, they didn't exist and all the sudden we want to rank the top five teams in college basketball.  Where do you think they would be then.  I got texas as number 3 and taking a number 1 seed into the playoffs as of right now.  I know I know, well who do you have one and two.  Well number one I think right now shoud be North Carolina.  Tennessee was not a true number one and memphis was a spring board for them to taste the ranking for a short time.  But Unanamus???  I don't think so .  1. NC 2. Memphis 3. texas. 

Now not to take away from the Tennessee teams.  UT, Vandy, Memphis.  All belong in the Top ten.  yes, top ten.  disputing otherwise?  Let me know.  but memphis is clearly as athletic if not the most athletic team to be in the tourny.  Vandy, who I personally feel is so tough at home because of the unorthadox venue and court setup they play in has the top two SEC scores.  and then tennessee, lofton is a leeder among leeders, I like the team, but not for a deep tourny push, one off night by lofton and the tourny's over. 

Pac Ten, UCLA sleeper USC

Big ten, Indiana.  How will they react to all of this controversy.  Prove it indiana and the nation may get behind you.  Its White's show make no bones about it, leadership is key.

Ok others.  duke, early upset in my bracket. North Carolina tough as nails.  tell Phsyco T your going to beet him and see what happens. 

Drake, Butler, come on maybe a run but nothing serious.

Kentucky needs to be in this tourny despite a terrible loss to Vandy (at home) they beet vandy at Rupp and Tennessee as well.  enough of the bubble talk, this team is good enough to be in the tourny and should be.


enough for now I'm coming at ya later... Holla

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